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Adding a new dimension to DFT calculations of solids ...

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WIEN2k is not a free software, but available for a small (one-time) licence fee. It can only be ordered online by filling out the registration form below.

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Online Order of WIEN2k

 (Legally binding order, do it only if you already have funds available).

Fee and license

This is a "group licence", which includes the source code and even further updates can be obtained free of charge. It can be used on as many computers as you like, but only by members of your "group". A "research group" is typically a research leader (Professor) with their postdocs + PhD students, eventually even people from another lab if these calculations lead to a COMMON PUBLICATION. A "group" is usually NOT the full department (Institute) or even the whole University/Company. The license belongs to the person named on the Registration form and can eventually even be taken with the person to a different location (but then of course Wien2k should not be used anymore on the old location). All WIEN2k users must agree to the License definitions and conditions.
  • Commercial Users: The standard licence fee (in EURO) for industry and commercial users is € 4000,- .

  • Governmental Labs: The reduced licence fee (in EURO) for Governmental Labs/Institutions is € 1000,- .

  • Academic institutions: There is a small cover charge of € 400,- .

  • Computing centers: have two options:
    • Non-commercial computing centers can be considered as Governmental Labs (see above), but only users with a valid (private) WIEN2k-license may use this installation. Please make sure you read and accept the additional rules.
    • For commercial computing centers or if you do not want to enforce the rule of private licences, a commercial licence can be obtained. In that case you can offer WIEN2k to all your customers (but still have to make sure that the source code cannot be copied illegally).

Standard procedure to obtain WIEN2k

Please order using the Online Request-Form.

You will then receive an email which confirms your order and contains the payment instructions according the payment method (Visa, MC, Bank transfer) you indicated during registration. You must then pay the fee.

After payment you will get a userid/password to download the code via your web-browser.

For further information contact:

Prof. Peter Blaha
TU Wien
Getreidemarkt 9/165
A-1060 Vienna, AUSTRIA
fax: +43 - 1 - 58801-165982 (Austria)

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